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Hundreds of years before the founding of Schererville, and long before Indiana even thought of becoming a state, folks called this area the “Crossroads.”

The name was well suited for this part of North America as several Indian trails intersected where Schererville lies today.  Years later the trails became routes for the settlers’ wagons traveling West.  One of those settlers was a German from Saarlan Southwest Germany.  Nicholas Scherer arrived in the U.S. in 1846. When he came to the Southern tip of Lake Michigan in 1865, he founded the community that still today bares his name.

Today, Schererville, in St. John Township, Lake County is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. With a population of close to 30,000 it’s now the crossroad of modern trails: U.S. Highways 41 and 30 and nearby I-80/94 and I-65. All of which are primary transcontinental routes giving Schererville its slogan: “Crossroads of the Nation.

The town’s strategic location, reasonable housing costs, and high level of municipal services have contributed to its growth in recent years.  Since the 1990s, Schererville in fact has attracted many former Illinois residents and the town was named one of the “100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” by Money Magazine in 2007.

But as nice as Schererville is to live in, the water is not exactly ideal for many of its residents.  Between its natively hard water and the chlorine from municipal water treatment, many in Schererville have been relying on Miracle | EcoWater for decades to resolve their water issues.

Whether it be HARD WATER treatment using REFINERS, WELL WATER treatment using SOFTENERS/CONDITIONERS or de-chlorination through Reverse Osmosis, Miracle | EcoWater has more than a half a century experience installing only the best-in-class water treatment and water filtration systems to deal with the challenging water issues found in Schererville and the surrounding area including Crown Point, St John, Dyer, and Lowell.

With its base of operation in Valparaiso, Miracle | EcoWater, factory authorized service and repair center is considered among the best in Northwest Indiana, offering emergency repair on a wide variety of water filtration systems for all matter of water problems, including hard water, iron water, sulfur and nitrate issues as well as water softeners of all makes and models including EcoWater Systems, Sears, Hellenbrand, 3M, GE, Kinetico, Rainsoft, Whirlpool, Culligan, Waterrite, and many more.

Call us to solve your hard water needs in Schererville, St John, Dyer, Lowell or anywhere in Lake County.  A Miracle | EcoWater, Water professional will be there to help you make the right decision when choosing the most effective and ecologically friendly water filtration solution for your home or business.

Call Miracle | EcoWater at  219-462-2374 for water treatment or filtration services in the surrounding Schererville, St John, Dyer and Lowell areas or anywhere in Lake County or click here to contact us for immediate service.

Welcome to Schererville intersection Main St. and US. 41

Welcome to Schererville intersection Main St. and US. 41
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