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The first settlers arrived in La Porte (“The Door” in French) in October of 1832, building a permanent cabin just North of what would become the Courthouse Square today.  A year later a Federal Land Office was established where settlers came to buy land from the government, including Solon Robinson, the founder of Crown Point.

By 1835 La Porte had grown so much that it became an incorporated town. A newspaper was established the following year and La Porte Medical School, the first of its kind in the Midwest, was founded in 1842. This university produced one of the most famous graduates in American medicine: William Worrall Mayo… who went on to established in 1889 the world famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

La Porte is also known for the nefarious Belle Gunness serial killings. Belle, a Norwegian immigrant, moved to the U.S. in 1881, posting notices in lovelorn columns in hopes of attracting wealthy men who all ended up mysteriously disappearing at her farmhouse.  She allegedly also killed her adopted daughter, and her foster children. The remains of over forty men and children were found on her property after she burned the entire place down to make it look as if she died inside, but the body found was not hers.

Belle skipped town after withdrawing all her money from her bank accounts.  To this day her death has never actually been confirmed and she was never captured.

La Porte in the 21st century is a peaceful 12.37 sq mile community with a population of roughly 23,000.

As one of the oldest water filtration and water treatment specialists in La Porte County, Miracle | EcoWater Systems has been dedicated to resolving both municipal and well HARD WATER, IRON WATER and NITRATE issues for the entire town.  Miracle | EcoWater in fact has been dealing with La Porte’s problem water since the 1960’s.    Known as the local hard water specialist, Miracle | EcoWater offers best-in-class water filtration systems to deal with all water issues native throughout La Porte County.

Miracle | EcoWater’s team of factory authorized repair specialists are among the best water treatment professionals in La Porte County, offering emergency repair on a wide variety of water filtration systems for hard water, iron water and nitrate issues as well as Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions.   Call us to solve your hard water, nitrate and drinking water needs in La Porte and Michigan City or anywhere in La Porte County.  A Miracle | EcoWater Systems Water professional has the knowledge to help you choose the most effective water filtration and drinking solution for your home or business.

Call Miracle | EcoWater at 219-462-2374 for water filtration and R.O. services in La Porte and the surrounding La Porte County area including Michigan City or click here to contact us for immediate service.

Water Treatment Services in La Porte

La Porte County Courthouse, La Porte, Indiana
Photo credit: MrHarman

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