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More than just a water softenerÉthe EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM water treatment system is specifically engineered for municipal water applications. It will not only clean and condition your household water supply, but thanks to the addition of a layer of coconut shell carbon, the system will remove the smell and taste of chlorine throughout your home. The adverse affects of chlorine on your health have been widely publicized. This system removes the hardness, iron, and chlorine from the water.

This comprehensive, state-of-the-art water treatment system features an internal microprocessor that monitors the amount of water you use and prompts system regeneration of actual and predicted future use. The demand regeneration technology with advanced electronic memory regenerates only as needed, and the programmed memory can be overridden to regenerate more frequently in the event of houseguests or sudden, temporary increases in water use.

EcoWater’s exclusive electronic package gives you access to valuable information regarding your water usage. The electronic HydroLink two-way remote technology makes it possible to control and monitor the Series 3500 from anywhere in your home. This convenient, patent-pending feature is only available from EcoWater Systems.

Tested by WQA and Spectrum Labs Inc, the ERR 3500 resin resists the effects of chlorine, lengthening the life of the treatment system and ensures operating efficiency.

This unit can be purchased or rented with purchase options available.

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