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Miracle | EcoWater Systems’ Water treatment for Sulfur/Hydrogen Sulfide

What is that horrible, rotten egg smell?  It’s sulfur…and you don’t need to live with it!

Residents of Northwest Indiana, particularly around Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield have experienced it, smelled and often accepted it as a way of life… but it does not have to be.

Hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfur in water usually smells like rotten eggs and can be found in underground aquifers throughout Northwest Indiana. Aside from the terrible odor, the dissolved gas can also cause cloudiness and your pipes to hammer and spit gas when you open your faucets. These gases can also be corrosive to plumbing systems, causing wear on valves, seats and washers and often leaving unsightly greasy black residue.

Since the 1960’s, Miracle | EcoWater Systems has been dedicated to resolving the most stubborn hydrogen sulfide / sulfur gas water problems throughout Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield.

Call Miracle | EcoWater Systems at 219-462-2374 for solving all your smelly water problems in the surrounding Valparaiso, La Porte, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Michigan City, Schererville, or Portage area or click here to contact us for immediate service.

Catalytic Carbon and Hydrogen Peroxide, The Miracle | EcoWater Systems solutions.

Although a rotten egg odor is occasionally only present in hot water, a problem that can be easily addressed by servicing your water heater, when present in cold water, an actual chemical test is required to identify the parts per million of sulfur gas so as to determine the type of water treatment necessary for its elimination.  In less severe cases a cartridge filter or backwashing carbon filter will solve the problem, however stronger concentrations may require oxidation with an oxidizing filter.  In the instance of sulfur-reducing bacteria, chemical injection, with Hydrogen Peroxide is the best solution and Miracle | EcoWater Systems method of choice.

Smelly Water elimination in Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield using The EcoWater ETF AIV

The ETF AIV is a chemical free system, with fresh air providing oxidation.  This is typically effective for lighter concentrations of Hydrogen sulfide gas.

What do you do for severe Sulfur/Hydrogen Sulfide in Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield IN? Miracle | EcoWater uses the ETF 2100 PF Series Carbon Filter and the Stenner® Chemical Injection with Hydrogen Peroxide 

In the most severe cases, where fresh air oxidation will not adequately remove Sulfur/Hydrogen Sulfide problems, the instruments of choice are the ETF 2100 PF Series combined with the Stenner® Chemical Injection pump with Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • The ETF 2100 PF Series features









Electronic Timer Controls
Manage regeneration frequency with menu-driven choices.

Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Media Tank
Strong fiberglass-wrapped tank liner – will not deteriorate, rust, or corrode.

Full One-Inch Riser
Larger diameter increases flow rates, which ensures any type of household demand.

Multi-Cycle Valve with Easy-Clamp Ring and Patented Coated Disc

Catalytic Carbon Media

Washed Quartz Underbedding
Aids in dispersion of water throughout the media tank.

Energy Efficient 24-Volt Transformer
Simplifies maintenance and reduces electrical hazards.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide for eliminating Sulfur/ Hydrogen Sulfide? 

Given enough time Sulfur will ultimately dissipate.  This Stenner® Chemical Injection pump speeds up the process using Hydrogen Peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide (“H2O2”) releases oxygen bubbles into the water, which are a powerful oxidizing agent that decomposes sulfur into oxygen and water leaving no trace of chemical residues. It is more powerful than aeration, chlorine or potassium permanganate.  Injected into the water lines, coming from a well, via a Stenner® chemical feed pump before the pressure tank, it will not only remove sulfur odor, but kill bacteria and oxidize iron and manganese.

The newly introduced hydrogen peroxide will flow through a mixing valve and travel into your well pressure tank.  In the most severe cases, we will use a 40 to 120 gallon retention tank.  The size is determined by the amount of sulfur and amount of water usage in the home.  In the retention tank the hydrogen peroxide has its chemical reaction with the sulfur rich water. After this step, the water flows through the ETF 2100 PF filter removing the sulfur (and rotten egg smell) eventually going through your softener resulting in sulfur free soft water being distributed throughout the entire house.

Chemical feed systems are not only safe, but are among the most effective, versatile, and cost-efficient water treatment devices on the market.  Depending on the chemical agent used, the same equipment can actually also treat bacteria, iron, manganese, low pH, and many other water problems.  Maintenance of the Hydrogen Peroxide Injection Unit is limited to simply monitoring the hydrogen peroxide level.

The Smelly Water, Sulfur/Hydrogen Sulfide Experts in Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield IN

If you are looking for a smelly water treatment expert in Valparaiso, La Porte, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Michigan City, Demotte, Chesterton, Dyer, Schererville or Portage IN, contact Miracle | EcoWater online or by phone to solve your most challenging water problems.

Our water treatment service specialists and technicians, as well as our Hydrogen Sulfide gas water expert Greg Scott specialize in resolving the water problems other can’t or won’t in all of Northwest Indiana.

We are available for service and repairs and offer scheduled tune–ups to keep your water refining system in top condition. We serve customers throughout the Northwest Indiana area, including all of Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties.  Call us any time.

Valparaiso, Hebron, Hobart, St. John, Lowell, Crown Point, Demotte, Cedar Lake and Wheatfield Sulfur and Smelly Water elimination 

For all your water treatment needs in Northwest Indiana, call Miracle | EcoWater Systems at 219-462-2374.  We specialize in problem water solutions and offer installations, maintenance and repairs for many types of water treatment systems to both homeowners and businesses throughout the entire Northwest Indiana area.  Call today for a Valparaiso, Crown Point, St. John, Chesterton, La Porte, Dyer, Schererville and Michigan City water specialist you can count on! Contact Miracle | EcoWater Systems today and discover first-hand why when it comes to hard water, “Miracle” is part of our name.

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