High Tech for your Health.  Keeping Track of Your Drinking Water Intake


Most of us are aware of the important role hydration plays in overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people only think about how much water they are drinking during the hottest parts of the year. This lack of attention may mean that you may be actually dehydrated without even realizing it. While tracking your drinking water intake may seem a little tedious, there are some fantastic new apps to help monitor your hydration levels. glass-1324585

The Importance of Proper Hydration:

The human body relies on water for basic survival. Every single tissue, cell and organ in the body requires water to perform its function correctly. Water is needed to remove waste from the system, deliver oxygen to the cells, maintain temperature and even lubricate the joints. The human body is also continually losing water through urination, sweat and breathing. When the weather is especially hot or when you increase your physical activity, this loss is even greater. Proper hydration means that you need to replenish these water losses and keep fluid at optimum levels.

The symptoms of dehydration can vary according to the degree of the condition. Mild symptoms include darker urine, dry mouth, and headache, while more severe symptoms can include confusion, dizziness, fatigue, and lack of tears. Unfortunately, when you begin to feel thirsty, the chances are that you are already suffering from dehydration. Although dehydration can affect anyone, older people, pregnant women, children, those who exercise at high intensities and those with certain medical conditions are particularly vulnerable.

Water Intake Tracking Apps:

There are some great apps that have been developed to help you track your drinking water intake with ease. These include iDrated, which allows you to customize your water goals in liters or ounces with a simple swipe. The app also incentivizes your intake with medals for reaching a goal. Your seven-day intake hydration stats are easy to access, and any glasses of water logged in error can be easily removed with a shake of your device.

Another great app is Waterlogged. This free app allows you to record your drinking water intake, set goals and even set up updates and reminders to prompt you to when you need to drink more.

Water Your Body is another great app, which suggests how much water is recommended based on your current weight. It also grades you daily and overall to show your progress over time. There are some other interesting features such as graphs of your water consumption, helpful hints, useful water facts and reminders to prompt you to drink.

According to the Mayo Clinic, men should drink approximately thirteen cups of water each day while women should be drinking nine. With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to keep track of whether you are drinking enough each day.  These apps can help you keep track of how much water you are drinking. Having one of these apps on hand can help ensure that you enjoy optimum hydration and encourage you towards overall health and fitness.

About The Author:

Greg Scott is President of Valparaiso based Miracle/EcoWater Systems, the premier water conditioning company in Northwest Indiana serving the Lake, Porter and LaPorte County areas.  A 3rd generation water treatment professional, Greg grew up in the family owned business  started by his grandfather in the late fifties.  He has made water treatment his life and under his direction and high-standards, the company’s water treatment experience, knowledge, and products are unrivaled in region.

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