The Importance of Good Hydration Habits The Importance of Good Hydration Habits


If you are concerned about your own health and fitness, it’s important to understand how critical good hydration is to your overall well-being. Unfortunately, some people only consider hydration when it is the height of summer or they have just finished a session at the gym. This consideration for hydration involves drinking a little extra water in these conditions. Generally, this is not sufficient for a healthy state and it is important to establish good hydration habits regardless of the time of year or level of physical exertion. These good habits will provide a great foundation for a healthier lifestyle regardless of your activity level.

Good Hydration = Happier, Healthier Life

While many consider diet and exercise to be the two areas of good overall health, in fact, there is a third area of importance; hydration. Proper hydration should be a consideration for all day, every day. Hydration helps your body regulate temperature, protect sensitive tissues including the spinal cord, lubricate the joints and allow the body to flush waste through perspiration, urination and bowel movements.

Many people mistakenly believe that they don’t need a drink until they feel thirst. This is not the case and it is important not to wait until you feel thirsty before you consume fluids, as thirst is actually an indication that your body is already in dehydrated state! While some foods such as tomatoes or melons can contain up to 95% water, it is difficult to meet your full fluid requirements without drinking the right fluids. Research has shown that even mild dehydration can adversely affect brain function, triggering headaches, fatigue and constipation. Although many consider dehydration to be only a problem in excessive heat, it is still possible to suffer even in cooler weather.

The Key to Staying Hydrated

The most important aspect of staying hydrated is to consume plenty of good quality fluids. Sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks will not assist you in staying hydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of good quality water. As tap water can be filled with potentially harmful contaminants and unpalatable elements such as water hardness particles, it is a good idea to choose filtered water.

It is recommended that adults consume approximately half a gallon of water each day. Although this may seem like a huge quantity, it equates to roughly eight, 8 ounce glasses throughout the day. If you are concerned that you may not be consuming enough water, you should consider carrying a water bottle with you when you are away from the home. Ideally, you should substitute soda and other sugar sweetened drinks with water. This can help you feel better hydrated and assist with weight management. For example, switching a 20-ounce soda for water could save you approximately 240 calories and allow you to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Although many consumers may consider bottled mineral water to be too costly for their budget, there are a great number of home water filtration systems that can offer economical and great quality water. Whether you choose an under the countertop Reverse Osmosis device or a whole house system, great tasting quality water can be a great way to encourage the whole family to drink more water throughout the day, staying hydrated and leading happier, healthier lives.

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