One Size Does Not Fit All


Most of us have experienced buying an item of clothing labeled “one size fits all” only to try it on at home and find it too big or too small. Thankfully, this usually only requires a quick trip back to the clothing store to return the item and obtain a refund. Unfortunately, when you are buying new water softener systems for your home, the concept of one size fitting all can create a great deal of frustration and hassle. One Size Does Not Fit All

Aren’t All Water Softeners the Same?

Many consumers are under the belief that all water softener systems are the same. While the principle of removing excess minerals, which are making your water hard  before it reaches your plumbing, appliances or faucet seems the same, not all water softeners have been created equal. Although water softeners offer a great and easy solution to hard water issues, choosing the right one for your requirements and property is not always easy.

Choosing the Size of Softener:

The most important aspect of choosing a water softener is realizing that there are a variety of sizes available. A one size fits all approach will not be sufficient to ensure that your softener is compatible with your home and your water usage. Choosing a system which fails to fit properly in your home or does not have the capacity to manage the water requirements of your family can severely affect its practicality and effectiveness. Alternatively, you may find that you pay too much for a system which is far too big for the modest requirements of a smaller household and more compact property.

Your Budget:

Another important consideration in choosing a water softener is the price. Water softeners are available in a number of different price ranges, so it is fairly simple to choose one which not only meets the needs of your family size and space requirements, but also your budget. You may find that some companies are also willing to allow you to rent a softener should you require one temporarily or want to see the benefits for yourself before you commit to a purchase. While price is always a consideration for any major purchase, it is important that you ensure that your chosen system meets all your requirements and is at the right price.

Other Considerations:

There are some other considerations to consider before you choose a water softener. Some systems require greater maintenance requirements. Fortunately, there are also companies offering maintenance services. This means that there is no need for you add salt or perform basic maintenance as a trained technician will visit your home periodically to ensure that the system is operating at peak performance.

While many consider one size fits all to be a great concept, when it comes to a significant investment for your home, you need to feel confident that it is perfectly suited to your specific needs. If you are unsure about choosing the right water softener, it is a good idea to speak to an experienced and reputable technician for expert guidance. This will allow you to proceed with confidence and begin to enjoy the great benefits of softened water sooner than you would have thought possible.

About The Author:

Greg Scott is President of Valparaiso based Miracle/EcoWater Systems, the premier water conditioning company in Northwest Indiana serving the Lake, Porter and LaPorte County areas.  A 3rd generation water treatment professional, Greg grew up in the family owned business  started by his grandfather in the late fifties.  He has made water treatment his life and under his direction and high-standards, the company’s water treatment experience, knowledge, and products are unrivaled in region.

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