What You Must Always Expect From A Water Treatment Contractor



If you’re looking for a water treatment contractor, or any type of contractor for that matter, there are some critical measures one can take to ensure the highest level of service. The following 8 points will help you make a smart choice.

Have them Meet You at Your House

There are two significant advantages in meeting a contractor in person. First, you get to meet them, it seems self evident, but there’s really no substitute for a face-to-face meeting.  Second, it allows them to take a look at where they’ll actually be doing the work, which makes it easier to get a precise detailed estimate…, which you should ALWAYS demand.

Detail is the key element in this process. Get an estimate not only for the work to be done, but get in writing that the contractor has included any permitting that will be required for the work. A good contractor will get the permits required for your project in advance of starting the work as the FTC points out.

Make sure the numbers in their Estimate Make Sense

You should always get multiple estimates according to This Old House. You can compare them and see how different companies charge for their work. This Old House indicates that materials should be around 40% of the estimate. The profit margin should be around 15-20%, including overhead.  Every company is different of course, but this is a good guideline.

You get an Actual Contract before any work startsWhat You Must Always Expect From A Water Treatment Contractor

Whatever you agree on with a contractor, ALWAYS get it in writing. You don’t have any assurance that the work will get done as described or on the schedule (as agreed) until you actually have a signed document. Good contractors won’t need to be reminded about this… if it is not offered, you should be IMMEDIATELY concerned and this is a RED FLAG.

They Have Good References

Ask if they have references.  No reference.  No work.  Make sure you ask for references from projects that were similar to your own. You can also check online for references or reviews of the business on YELPAngie’s List, Home Advisor, Proch.com etc.  Keep an eye out for ANY reviews that say that the work wasn’t done on time, or the agreed upon prices changed or other issues that indicate that the contractor may be something less than professional or honest.

They Have a License

NEVER work with a contractor who doesn’t have a valid license. Depending upon what type of contractor you’re dealing with, you can call whichever agency handles licensing their trade in your local area and verify that their license is current.

They Have Insurance

NEVER work with a contractor who doesn’t have insurance.  Every contractor should have it. PERIOD.  Even if they’re very good at what they do, things can and often do go wrong and you have to make sure they’re financially responsible if something does.

They Belong to a Trade Organization

Check for membership in a trade organization. Some do. Some don’t.  Sometimes, the trade organization will maintain a list online where you can check to see if the contractor is a current member in good standing.

As an example, water treatment contractors have the option of getting certified through the Water Quality Association (WQA). This organization provides information about the qualifications of the professionals, which you can use to guide your decisions.

Take care of insure that these things are addressed and your experience is likely to be much more pleasant, productive with work matching your expectations, or even exceed them.

About The Author:

Greg Scott is President of Valparaiso based Miracle/EcoWater Systems, the premier water conditioning company in Northwest Indiana serving the Lake, Porter and LaPorte County areas.  A 3rd generation water treatment professional, Greg grew up in the family owned business  started by his grandfather in the late fifties.  He has made water treatment his life and under his direction and high-standards, the company’s water treatment experience, knowledge, and products are unrivaled in region.

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