Fall 1966,  Miracle Water Founder Floyd J. Hill and sales team at Water Refining Company In Dayton, OH. during a tour of the factory.  


Spring 1978.  The new Miracle Water building.  Dan Mullins service department for 28 years,  Wes Berrier in charge of sales for over 20 years, and Darrell Rogers 41 years with the company and still working.






Spring 1978 Floyd J. Hill and Wayne Hill with office and sales team in front of our new building at 802 Franklin St, Valparaiso, IN.   

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Dan Mullins and helper getting new commercial water conditioners ready to install.

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Founder Floyd J. Hill at a trade booth in the 1960’s. 






September 1966  service techs getting ready for their days work. 








Circa late 1960’s… Miracle Water billboard. 







Sept 1978. Founder Floyd J. Hill receives the first ever computerized water refiner from Dan Brower, president of Water Refining Co. 







Floyd J. Hill started Miracle Water  Aug 8, 1959.

















Sept 1965. Wayne Hill manning the company booth at a local home show.











From the early 60’s.  Installer taking a rest after commercial installation.